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This is my personal rehearsal room and recording studio in Southern California.
I finally got into playing a bit of upright. A 1941 Kay Acoustic bass. I good friend of mine and someone I have played with for many years in The Road when I lived in Buffalo (Ken Kaufman)  found this for me in Buffalo.N.Y. I had it shipped here to Los Angeles by Tom Kerr of Fantastic Musical Instruments in Pasadena. He also set it up for me. A great guy to know if you own an acoustic instrument.

This is my main bass and I’ve been playing it for years. It was made by Yamaha as a Prototype for John Patitucci. I got to be good friends with John having worked with Chick Corea as the Elektric Band Road Manager. It’s tuned (E-A-D-G-C-). This bass, as with all the Yamaha prototypes and production bases  is made very well. It was made personally for John by Yamaha.  
This is another Yamaha beauty I got From John Patitucci. It’s one of two that  John received from Yamaha and it’s his signature bass. Tuned (B-E-A-D-G-C).


Yamaha John Patitucci Prototype. 5 String Fretless. Again I string it (E-A-D-G-C). Beautiful, warm and buzzy sound.
One of a kind Custom made TRB-6 string tuned (B-E-A-D-G-C) made by Yamaha for John Patitucci. This bass has a wammy bar on the C-G-D strings. I got this from John late 80′s-eary 90′s.

 Gold Tone Banjo Bass: This bass is really fun to play. It doesn’t sustain much. Sounds a lot like an acoustic upright, a very warm punchy sound. I purchased this at The NAMM Show in Anaheim about 10 years ago.
This is called an SG Bass made by Gibson in the USA. It used to be called an EB-3. Jack Bruce from Cream made this bass famous. I used these basses back in the 60′s and always wanted another one. My wife found it at a vintage market in Woodland Hills CA.


I always wanted a Gretsch bass for it’s classic/vintage sound.  My wife got this for my birthday last year. Love the color too.
1957  reissue Fender Precision Bass. I grew up with Fender basses so this fills out my collection nicely.
Yamaha TRB-6 (B-E-A-D-G-C). Billy Sheehan gave me this bass. 
Godin 5 string, made in Canada. I tune this as with all my 5 strings (E-A-D-G-C). Got this one from my good friend Chuck Jacob (Plays bass with Kenny Rogers).
This one’s made by Michael Kelly. Nice Acoustic sound. Tuned (E-A-D-G-C) My friend Chuck Jacobs (Bass Player in the Kenny Rogers Band) hooked me up on this one.
This bass is made by Epiphone. It was made for Allen Woody (October 3, 1955 – August 25, 2000) who was a bass guitarist best known for his tenure in the rock groups The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t  Mule…It’s a fun bass. I’ve had this one for years also.


KALA/U-Bass makes these bases. One of my newest finds and I have to say so much fun to play. Very small and light weight, these are not toys but real musical instruments. Amazing bottom end. I have three of these and always bring one of them out on a gig.
Another bass made by KALA/U-Bass. Fretless, very small and light weight. Another fun bass to play and lots of bottom end.


This is an awesome product made by Aguilar Amplification.  I’ve been endorsing these guys for years and can’t say enough about their products. The Tone Hammer 500 puts out 500 watts and weights 4.5 Lbs. I like to use it with the Aguilar SL-12 speaker but you can use it on the 4X10 cabinets also.
Another awesome Aguilar product. SL-12. 12″ Speaker, weights 25 lbs. It’s a great product when used with the Tone Hammer 500 amp. I  use it for smaller gigs and my acoustic bass gigs. Really puts out.


The Aguilar AG 500 is my main amp and I have used it for years. It puts out 540 watts, is bullet proof, powerful, light weight and with a very warm, round sound.
Aguilar DB 4 X 10. This is one of the best cabinets on the market. It’s my main cabinet for most of my gigs.